Custody Representation at The Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC

The Effect of Divorce on Children Involved

Divorce is difficult for all parties involved, especially for the children, and a court considers many factors during a custody hearing. The Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC in Charles Town, WV will protect your rights as a parent. In most cases, both parents will share decision making for the child. We can assist you in developing a custody schedule. The child’s well-being is of the utmost importance, and figuring out an appropriate custody schedule will make the transition easier and will benefit the child and each parent immensely. Call us today at 304-728-2012 for a free phone consultation to see how we can represent you and assist in your case.

Do I Need an Attorney for a Custody Case

We will work with you to devise an optimal visitation schedule to keep you and your child happy and safe. Ms. Prinz has worked in the family law area for over a decade, and is knowledgeable of the laws and rights you have as a parent. Custody disputes are stressful and emotional for all families. It is easy to become confused or lost in the legal terms and court hearings. The Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC will eliminate the stress and work with you to achieve your desired result.

Family Law Office that You Can Trust

Parents involved in custody disputes may experience uncertainty throughout the process. The Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz will work to minimize that stress and work towards a fair and just result. Ms. Prinz has a passion for justice, and does not rest until your case is resolved in a manner that benefits both child and parents. Contact our office today to see how we can represent you.