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If you are going through a divorce, or thinking about filing for divorce, it is important to know and understand all of the factors before you begin. Knowing your rights during and after a divorce is a crucial part of paying or receiving the appropriate amount of spousal support. The Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC in Charles Town, WV will strive to get the results you need. Contact us today for a phone consultation! The Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC serves Charles Town, Martinsburg, and Ranson, WV.

How Will Spousal Support Affect Your Divorce Case?

Spousal support is an allowance for a person that comes in different categories: permanent, temporary and rehabilitative, and may be available in installments or as a lump sum. Temporary spousal support may be awarded during a separation period. It is important to understand each aspect of paying or receiving spousal support, and to know the laws regarding divorce procedures. Divorce is an emotional and stressful time, and it can be difficult to process the legalities alone. The Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC will represent you to get the best results for your case.

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The Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC works with clients to help them better understand the legal matters in their lives. If you are contemplating filing for divorce, Robin Skinner Prinz is here to help. Contact us today to work with one of the best family law attorneys in the Jefferson County, WV area. Ms. Prinz has over a decade of experience in working with family law cases, and uses her knowledge to get you the outcome you deserve. Call us today at 304-728-2012 for a free phone consultation.