Grandparent Visitation Rights and Services in Charles Town, VA

Family Law Office Helping Grandparents in WV

In most cases, grandparents are very special to their grandchildren. However, grandparents have very limited legal rights when it comes to seeing their grandchildren. A parent’s decision on who can and cannot see a child is generally determinative of the matter. In certain cases, grandparents may seek legal recourse to visit or even gain custody of their grandchildren. Grandparent visitation rights vary from state to state. Parents’ rights come first, as long as it is in the child’s best interest. Grandparents provide love and support to their grandchildren, and keeping a healthy relationship between grandparent and grandchild is very important to their growth. If you are interested in learning more about grandparent rights, call The Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC today at (304) 728-2012 for a free phone consultation.

Legal Rights for Grandparents

Grandparents’ rights rarely come before parents’ rights. There are very limited reasons as to why a court will intervene to order grandparent visitation. In some cases, a grandparent may seek visitation if they are related to the child through a deceased, deployed, or incarcerated parent.

Visitation Rights for Parents and Grandparents

Parents almost always have the right to have custody of their children over grandparents. Unless the court finds a parent is unfit, the child will stay in the parent’s care, regardless of what the grandparent wants. After a divorce or separation, the child remains in the custody of the parents and may see their grandparents as the parent sees fit. If the visitation interferes with the child’s health and well-being, the parent has the right to restrict the grandparent’s visitation. Contact us today to see what The Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC can do for you.