Wills and Estate Planning at the Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC

Will Planning in Charles Town, West Virginia

The Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC in Charles Town, WV assists in the preparation of your estate plan. Drafting your will is not always easy, but it is a very important legal document to have prepared. By planning your will, you will be able to designate where your property goes after death, instead of leaving that decision up to the state. Ms. Prinz will help you make the right decisions in estate planning, and answer any legal questions you may have. Contact the Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC at 304-728-2012 to begin your estate planning today.

Why You Should Seek a Lawyer to Plan Your Will

When making an estate plan, it is important to know what to include and what not to include. Attorney Robin Skinner Prinz provides guidance while drafting your will, and help you to decide what to include. By coming to the Law Office of Robin Skinner Prinz, PLLC, you can trust that everything will be properly distributed by your will. Ms. Prinz simplifies the process and helps you understand the decisions that you are making. While it is an emotional process, you can trust that your will and estate plan will be correct.

What Should I Include in my Will?

While no two wills are exactly the same, there are some key points that should always be included. A will should include the following pieces of information to ensure that your exact wishes are followed after your death:

  • Guardian of Children
  • How to Pay Any Debts
  • Property Division & Distribution
  • Guardian of Pets

Will and Estate Planning is Important for Everyone

Financial status or the amount of property you own should not deter you from having a written will or estate plan. By preparing a written will, you may rest easy knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of after your passing. There are many details that anyone could easily overlook without the right legal help, and Ms. Prinz provides aid for every step. Her goal is to simplify the process and make it straightforward for her clients. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.